Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Kalıpsan Aluminum is a global solution company in sheet metal mold design-manufacturing and supply of alloyed-non-alloyed extrusion-plate aluminum. It is the distributor of valuable brands that are the most reliable and leader in the field of aluminum worldwide. Thanks to Kalıpsan, thousands of products belonging to industrial and different product groups, especially automotive, defense industry, energy sector, rail systems, can be supplied from a single point.

Kalıpsan’s customers reach the world’s best quality products in the fastest way with the most suitable payment terms and receive complete delivery from product selection to delivery with Kalıpsan assurance.

We would like to be your solution partner for your aluminum needs. We are waiting for your valuable orders, which we will deliver immediately, regardless of the quantity.


Our Mission

To design, build and complete safe, high quality and cost-effective projects; to comply with the work program agreed with our customers; To help the career development of KALIPSAN Employees while doing all these.

Our Vision

To be one of the best and innovative companies among the engineering companies serving around the world.

Our Values​

Our defined company values are at the core of every activity we carry out. We know that these values should not be ignored in the projects we undertake and we work accordingly. We know that when we work according to our values, we will achieve more success in the sector we serve.

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