Aluminum Coil

According to the usage area of ​​the final product, recrystallization, recovery and homogenization annealing are carried out. Deep Drawn products can be produced as a result of homogeneous annealing.

 Classic embossing or lozenge embossed pattern can be applied to products up to 0.30mm – 1.75mm thickness and 1500mm width, according to customer request. 

According to the customer’s request, the surface can be completely oil-free, low-oil or oily. 

**Thin Slitting Products with thicknesses between 0.18mm-1.50mm can be sliced ​​up to 20mm width.

**Thick Slitting

Rolls with thicknesses between 1.00mm-6.00mm can be slit up to 200mm width.Depending on the customer’s request, it can also be covered with foil. 

Aluminum in the form of rolls can be cut in sheets up to 6000 mm in length, in line with customer demands, by passing through the smoothing group rollers in our length cutting machine. According to the request of our customers, foil-coated or paper-in-between sheet plates are cut. 

With our test devices such as spectrometer, tensile testing device, sample heat treatment furnace, viscosity device, the production process is controlled from the melting of the raw material to the packaging stage. Our products comply with AA, EN and ASTM norms. 

In accordance with international packaging standards, packaging is made with waterproof wooden pallets. All our packages have a test certificate.

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