Aluminum profile

With 6060-6063-6061-6005-6005A-6101-6082-6463-1050-1070-1350 alloys, profiles are produced with chemical and mechanical properties in accordance with customer requests. In addition, our customers are informed about the selection of the right alloy and condition according to the customer’s usage area.

In our facility, automotive, electrical-electronics, rail systems, truck chassis, industrial profiles, construction, machinery, furniture, textile and standard profiles (T profile, Pipe, Box, Rectangle, Rod, Square bar etc.), defense industry, solar profile etc. . We respond to a wide variety of industries such as

In our press lines of 1300, 2000, 2500, 2700 and 3500 tons, Ø250 pipes from 75gr to 75kg, 190×190 boxes and profiles with 410mm bar dimensions can be produced.

We can produce white, colored anodized products on the surface and painted products in any code in our paint shop.

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