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Mechanical Processing

We respond to all demands for finished products and mechanical processing with our high-tech machinery and our experienced and technical team, which has developed itself at the highest level according to the conditions of the day.

In our production line, we carry out the mechanical processing processes with drilling, threading, countersinking, precision cutting machines and CNC processing centers with high precision and superior quality in accordance with our customers’ requests and technical drawings.

Mechanical Processing Machine Features:

Specially designed cutting shape: After the saw blade moves forward for cutting, the table moves left and right to retract 2mm. The saw blade then returns to its starting position. This special design can prevent back-cutting while providing a fine cut surface and cutting accuracy.

Feed models:

  1. Incremental feeding
  2. Repeat loop feed
  3. Manual feeding

Technical Specifications

The clamps on the feed table are suitable for cutting irregular stock without the need for additional fixtures to fix the workpiece.

The auxiliary support prevents the workpiece from bending.

Transmission Device

Uses precision ground rack up to 0.02mm (suitable for 3 and 6 meter feed travel)

Vacuum Oil Mist Unit

The vacuum oil mist unit uses the principle of creating vacuum to convert the cutting fluid into oil mist for spraying. It provides lubrication and cooling functions, does not leave dust and saw blade, ensures high cutting precision and long service life of the saw blade.